NASL 2014 Matchday 2 vs Minnesota Recap

Ottawa Fury FC vs. Minnesota United – 1-2 L

Ottawa (4-2-3-1) – Gorrick 6; Maykon 6, Trafford 4, Jarun 7, Beckie 7; Ryan (c) 7, Donatelli 5; Mayard 6, Oliver 7, Davies 6; Dantas 7

Subs – DeBellis; Soria, Fresenga 6; Messoudi, Elias 6, Eustaquio; Haworth 7

Goal – Dantas; Assist – Donatelli

My two quick cents on the match was that it was a heartbreaking goal to concede at the end of stoppage time, but that we did concede significant possession and chances to Minnesota in the 2nd half. Here’s to hoping the boys come back strong for the V Cup game on Wednesday. A big congrats to Vini Dantas, the 50th minute will always be his to us.

GK and D – Gorrick played well throughout the game, but needs to communicate and control his D even more as the season goes. Also, he had to do just that little bit more on the 2nd goal, he had to get his full fists on it one way or the other. Jarun led the D well again, Beckie had a below-average 1st half but a fantastic 2nd half, and looks like a better CB than a RB. The D was caught in possession several times during the game in their own half though, and gave up some chances they should not have.

M – Ryan led the M well again, kept the tempo moving along and making tackles here and there. Props to Donatelli on the first assist of the OFFC history. Would have liked to see more from him though. Oliver led the attack well from both the middle and the left and showed hustle throughout the game, the best attacking threat for OFFC. However, the foul that led to the FK for the 2nd goal hurt.

F – Dantas hustled throughout the game and was well rewarded. Showed strength and presence, more than last week, which was important for the play of the team. Davies showed some nice touches on the right flank, but it would be nice to see him be more aggressive and take on the fullback more. Mayard kept the play flowing smoothly, especially in the 1st half, but dropped off slightly in the 2nd half.

Subs – All three subs provided spark and energy with their running. Haworth fashioned a couple chances from his hard running, Fresenga ran all the way up on the field on the counter that Haworth nearly finished, and Elias ran hard off the ball, always trying to make himself available. I would love to see the coach use his bench a bit earlier in the game for the fresh energy off the bench.




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