NASL 2014 Matchday 5 vs Tampa Bay Recap

Ottawa Fury FC vs Tampa Bay Rowdies – 1-1 D

Ottawa (4-3-3) – Gorrick 7; Soria 8, Trafford 5, Jarun 6, Beckie 7; Ubiparipovic 8, Ryan (c) 7, Donatelli 7; Oliver 5, Dantas 6, Haworth 8

Subs – Davies (Oliver) 6, Elias (Dantas) 7, Eustaquio (Ubiparipovic)

Goal – Donatelli; Assist – Ryan

GK and D:

Incredible save from Gorrick to preserve the draw around the 80th minute mark. Has shown some great reflexes in recent weeks.

Soria was dynamite all game, making great tackles and overlaps, and kick-starting the best move of the game, the tic tac toe between him, Donatelli and Ubiparipovic for the chance to win the game near the end. Beckie was solid during the game, making a few overlaps as well and making good tackles throughout. Did get beat a few times by the winger though.

Trafford was calm and had nice clearances, but I found him coming too far up without winning his tackles several times during the game, leaving a hole in the center of the defense. Was too far up and could not make the header in the play that led to the PK goal, and was caught ball-watching on Hristov’s chance on the cross that led to Gorrick’s super-save. Jarun was the opposite, overtly excited and with poor clearances throughout the game, but he easily led the team in made tackles and clearances, always getting stuck in. Was lucky to get a yellow card on the blatant pull for the PK, and should have cleared the ball on the play.


Ubi was pulling the strings again and has the technique to make some fantastic passes. Beautiful through passes throughout the game, and when they work, they lead to dangerous chances. His inside pass to Haworth led to the chance that led to our PK, and his final pass released Soria on the chance to win late-game. He also played good D, which is important for a LCM.

Donatelli was solid throughout the game. Very involved in the 1st half, less so in the 2nd half, and I think he could play better D, but kept the play moving whenever needed, and his one-touch pass to Ubi that led to Soria’s chance was quite nice. Scored the goal to tie the game, being at the right place at the right time.

Ryan’s presence was incredibly welcome, and it was very noticeable compared to the game vs. Atlanta. Very calm even when surrounded by opponents, wins the ball often with great positioning and awareness, and his drag-backs to create space is always pleasant to see. Did give away the ball a bit more than would have liked to see. Nice CKs from the right side for the assist.

Congrats to Eustaquio on his debut!


Oliver had a nice penalty attempt that was saved spectacularly by Pickens on to the post. Other than that, his only telling contribution was a bicycle karate kick to Sanfilippo. Will chalk this performance down to injury, hope to see the dynamic version of him for next game.

Dantas worked very hard, and was very industrial. Linked to his teammates well, and got right in the face of Pickens on the CK that led to the goal. I can’t remember a signature moment in the penalty area though, and he will have to bring his presence into the box as well.

Haworth was hard-working on the RW, but simply turned on beast mode when he got onto the LW, and then onto ST. Watching him charge into the defenders and winning the ball in the last 15 minutes was a joy to watch. I think he might push again for a starting spot next week on the LW, based on the 2nd half performance. Soria’s chance at the end of the game was created by Haworth hustling for the ball and winning it from the defender near the corner flag. His passing and linking up with the rest of the team needs a bit more work though.

Davies was solid and comfortable on the RW, as always. The announcer said he had a slight injury pre-game, though I didn’t hear of that anywhere else.

Elias came in on the LW when he came on, and it was a pleasure to see. His skill-set definitely makes him a more natural winger than a CM, with his high-energy and acceleration.




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