NASL 2014 Matchday 6 at Indy Recap

May 17, 2014 – Indy Eleven vs Ottawa Fury FC – 2-4 W

Ottawa (4-3-3) – Gorrick 6; Soria 6, Trafford 6, Jarun 7, Beckie 6; Ubiparipovic 7, Ryan (c) 8, Donatelli 9; Oliver 7, Dantas 7, Haworth 7

Subs – Davies (Dantas) 6, Maykon (Oliver) 6, Eustaquio (Ubiparipovic) –

Goal – Donatelli, Jarun, Donatelli, Oliver; Assist – Dantas, Ryan, Unassisted, Haworth

Yessssss. Sorry, expansion cousins, but we got this one. A fantastic away victory, where we once again showed our full attacking potential. If I could draw similarities between this game and the Carolina 4-0, it would be that Donatelli and Ryan were on their game to contribute to the midfield play next to Ubiparipovic.

GK and D

Gorrick had a decent game, assuming control of his area for the most part, but could have had a chance to save the 2nd goal.

Soria was kept busy defensively and did not get to do his usual forays. Does get beat on headers understandably. The quietest of his performances so far this season.

Beckie continued to work hard, as one of the most defensively aware player on the team, and took a knock to his head in the 2nd half. The medical staff should treat him with caution with any concussion symptoms, as he looked shaken up again. Did make the over-confident mis-pass that led to the counter for Indy’s 2nd goal.

Trafford gave up the penalty on a harsh call from the ref, but was a steady presence for most of the game. I would still like to see more energy from him and more headers won.

Jarun was all over the penalty area, making clearances left and right. Did get beat on the long ball over the top on Indy’s 2nd goal. Nice run to score his goal, and was generally active in his towering way. Also let his marker slip as an Indy striker nearly scored their 3rd goal on a header from a throw-in.


Ubiparipovic was quiet this game for the most part, and you could sense his frustration at himself when he was subbed off at the end. However, he rarely lost the ball and made the play move along continuously. Active on D as well.

Ryan’s long diagonal balls were what separated Ottawa from Indy. They were incredibly accurate and freed up a winger for a 1 on 1 situation right away, and his crosses had a certain curl and zip to them as well. I believe his diagonal balls/crosses were what initiated the 2nd, 3rd and 4th goals. Does give up the ball time to time in tight situations.

Donatelli’s 1st half was simply flawless, every single touch he had was positive in some way. The best 45 minutes from any Ottawa player I think I have seen yet. His calm drags/turns onto his left foot was the other thing that separated Ottawa from Indy. His 2nd half was good as well, silky smooth.

Eustaquio continues to torment announcers and podcasters with his last name. I think it’s pretty easy to announce though, but maybe I’m doing it wrong. EWW-S-TA-QUI-O, anyone?


Oliver had a quiet 1st half, but had some nice touches and backheels in the 2nd half, and was brave enough to get in front of the defender on the last goal.

Dantas was bustling as always, and had some of the best link-up/hold-up play from him this season. His hard work would have deserved a goal.

Haworth showed buzz and energy again, though he doesn’t get to shoulder-barge as much when playing on the RW. He usually tries to beat the D with speed onto his right, but he could try turning onto his left foot and crossing or passing with the weaker foot, as Donatelli did on his two goals. Great persistence throughout the game led to the assist for the killer goal.

Davies was more subdued than his usual performances. I’ve noted before that he has some of the best technique on the team, but it’s harder to see in a shorter burst of time.

Maykon came on to get his legs moving again for the first time in a few weeks. We may perhaps see him in more of a LW position more, as Soria has certainly staked his claim to compete with Maykon for the LB spot.





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