Voyageurs Cup 2014 Preliminary Round 2nd Leg at Edmonton Recap

Ottawa Fury FC at FC Edmonton – 3-1 L

Ottawa (4-3-3) – Gorrick 6; Soria 7, Trafford 5, Jarun 5, Beckie 6; Ubiparipovic 7, Ryan (c) 6, Donatelli 7; Oliver 6, Haworth 7, Davies 6

Subs – Dantas (Davies) 7, Mayard (Oliver) 6, Elias (Donatelli) 7

Goal – Dantas; Assist – Ubiparipovic

Sad about the Fury, mad about the CSA feed and angry at Sportsnet for not showing the game on any of its 7 channels. Here are some recaps on the 2nd leg of the VCup vs the Bunnies.




Ottawa Sun:…dmonton-eliminated-from-canadian-championship

Ottawa Citizen: erupt three goals against Ottawa Fury/9794077/story.html

Goal Canada:





Soccer Newsday:

Flashes of Fury:


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