OFFC sign Academica (Portugal) GK Romuald Peiser, release M Hamza Elias

This news came out of the blue, and was unexpected by many Fury FC fans, to say the least. Romuald Peiser is a French keeper who comes with vast experience across Europe, including 4 years with Academica in the Portuguese top-flight, his most recent club. He is expected to compete immediately with Devala Gorrick for the starting GK spot.

As Peiser took over one of the 7 foreigner spots in the NASL squad, the Fury FC also announced that attacking midfielder Hamza Elias was released from the club in the same press release. Elias, a Ghanaian youth international, was one of the first midfielders off the bench for the Fury in the 2014 spring season, but the return of Nicki Paterson pushed him down the pecking order, and he became the odd man out of the squad, to much chagrin for the OFFC supporters.

As OFFC currently carries 4 GKs and only 6 midfielders, it is expected that there will be other transfer news from the Fury in upcoming days.


Ottawa Sun:



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