NASL 2014 Matchday 12 at Carolina Review

July 26, 2014 – Carolina RailHawks vs Ottawa Fury FC – 3-0 L – Review

Ottawa (4-1-2-1-2) – Gorrick 6; Soria 5, Trafford 6, Richter 4, Davies 4; Ryan (c) 6; Maykon 6, Donatelli 5; Ubiparipovic 5; Dantas 6, Heinemann 5

Carolina (4-2-3-1) – Goodwin; Low, Tobin, Scott, Graye; Davidson, Albadawi; Elizondo, Enzo, Shipalane; Schilawski

Ottawa Subs – Haworth 7 (Maykon), Paterson 6 (Ubiparipovic), Mayard 5 (Donatelli)

Ottawa Goal – N/A; Assist – N/A

Ottawa Injuries and Suspensions: LW Oliver (out), GK Peiser (out)

This was the toughest loss in the Fury FC’s short history. Haworth looked great in the 2nd half, Ryan and Maykon played great passes in the 1st half, but could have done more defensively, and Dantas showed nice moments but needs to build up chemistry with Heinemann if the two are to succeed together. Some quick notes below on a game with many speaking points.

Diamond midfield formation: This formation looks great on paper but does not work well on the field, especially in a defensive point of view, and has mostly gone out of use in Europe these days. Often, the DM is isolated in covering the area in front of the defense, while the two CM’s are not in a great position to help cover the flanks, nor help the DM. With two ST’s and a CAM on the field, that just adds on even more defensive responsibilities to the three other mids and the defenders, as, at least in a 4-3-3, there are the two wingers to help cover the flanks.

Maykon was great with his passing and dribbling, but was not helpful in defense at all in his LCM position in the diamond, whether helping Soria cover the left flank or helping Ryan cover the area in front of the defense. A great example of this was seen in the 29th minute, as the Carolina RB found himself in acres of open space for a cross, as Soria was busy marking their RM Shipalane (who had an incredible game) near the penalty area, and Maykon was nowhere to be found helping  in defense, in complete no-man’s land.

Donatelli was similarly lacking in his advanced RCM position, unable or unwilling to help Ryan or Davies properly in defense. This was seen in the 32nd minute, for example, with Donatelli and Maykon in no position to help on D properly, and Richter having come out too far forward to try to cover the players, and being easily beaten on the through ball.

Simply, if Ryan was beaten for any reason in midfield, then there was nobody else to help cover the Carolina mids, and they had all the time in the world to pick out the through balls past Richter and the other defenders. The 5 minutes between the 34th minute and the 39th minute has numerous examples of this situation, and Ottawa was lucky to only concede 1 goal during this period.

First goal: The more offensive-minded players, such as Maykon and Davies, were caught up too far ahead in their respective positions when Ottawa lost possession on a Heinemann header in midfield. Ryan is tripped up while he’s tracking back (but which was never going to be called a foul), Trafford was slow in going to the left flank to challenge the cross, and Richter was caught out on the deflection, with Davies too late to help deal with the cross.

Second goal: This goal was simply a culmination of all the defensive breakdowns in the first half by the Fury. Since there was no LW, Maykon comes out to challenge the Carolina RB.  Ryan is now isolated in mid, and the RB passes to the space between Ryan and Richter. The Carolina mid receives it, with Ryan not challenging at all, and plays a brilliant through ball past Richter, who came out half-heartedly to challenge, and the ST puts in a gorgeous chip to make it 2-0.

Third goal: No particular breakdown, per se, just a good play by Carolina on their incredible right flank, and a rare mistake by Gorrick, who has shown that his one Achilles’ heel this season may be crosses in the air. Gorrick made incredible saves throughout the game, no doubt, but the mis-handling of this cross, and being too early off the line on the second goal, hurt Ottawa this match.



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