OFFC announce departure of D Maykon and recall of D Richter

OFFC announced that D Maykon will be returning back to Brazil to be closer to his family. We had seen Maykon talk about how he missed his beautiful family on Twitter and Instagram recently, so it does not come as a total surprise to Fury FC supporters.

I would like to thank Maykon for his dedication to the Fury FC cause. While he struggled with an injury in the middle of the spring season, he gave some good performances at LB and LM. His offensive skills were particularly evident in his overlaps, his 1-2’s with Oliver, and in the ill-fated game at Carolina, where the team came out in a diamond 4-4-2 formation. His offensive prowess shined that game, and I would have liked to seen him tried at LW or even possibly RW as well.

Regardless, family is definitely the most important thing, and I would like to wish Maykon all the best of luck in Brazil, and the best for his family.

OFFC also announced later today that D Ryan Richter has been recalled by Toronto FC, due to the injuries to the backline that they have had recently.

As for our defense, we currently only have 3 fully fit defenders at the moment, with 3 currently injured, and so, I would expect the Fury to pick up another defender or to further utilize those who haven’t played much, such as CB Kenny Caceros.


Ottawa Sun:



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