Fury FC Announces Re-signing of F Haworth, CM Eustaquio

Great news coming out of the Fury today, with the announcement that F Carl Haworth and CM Mauro Eustaquio have re-signed with the club for 2015.

This brings up the Fury FC roster to 9 players, and also provides more positive news for Canadian footy, with a greater number of strong professional clubs in Canada definitely providing more opportunities for Canadian players at home.

Haworth had a good season in Ottawa, being one of 2 players to make the jump to NASL from the 2013 Fury PDL team, along with GK Chad Bush. Displaying a lot of heart and aggression on either flanks whether chasing a loose ball or harrying the fullbacks, Haworth also filled in admirably on the wings, considering that he is naturally a striker.

Photo courtesy of Ottawa Sun.
Photo courtesy of Ottawa Sun.

He also shows a lot of selflessness on the pitch, able to connect with teammates close by and making off-the-ball runs when needed. However, he will need to work on his end product for the 2015 season from the wings, as he will have to improve his crossing and getting more often into the penalty area. I believe that he will continue to show good development into a winger, and he may seize his opportunity if he is given more chances as a striker.

Eustaquio is a young talent at the heart of midfield who was the main man to sub in for Richie Ryan at DM whenever he was needed. Displaying good tackling and silky smooth long passes from the position, Eustaquio is being watched closely by both Ottawa and Canadian supporters, with many cheering on his development on and off the pitch.

Photo courtesy of Ottawa Citizen.
Photo courtesy of Ottawa Citizen.

He still showed his youth on some occasions, with the player sometimes being caught holding on to the ball in dangerous positions, and making a rash tackle that resulted in a straight red in the last regular season match, but these are things that the player is certainly learning from and will only get better in 2015.

Congratulations to Carl and Mauro, this is fantastic news for Ottawa and the two players during a very festive period.

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Ottawa Sun: http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/12/22/ottawa-brings-back-2-canadians


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