Fury FC Roster Depth Chart/Starting XI Vote

I’ve seen some great footy debate and chatter on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the Voyageurs forum about what the Fury FC roster looks like, and what their ideal starting XI and formation is.

I thought I would help facilitate that debate right here, and I thought I would open it up for that bastion of our society… random online non-scientific popularity votes. Seriously though, why not have some fun with it and open it up to votes, say every two weeks or so?

Voting Meme

I’ll point out one thing. We are very much clueless in our knowledge of these players, despite all the matches we have watched, when it comes to the understanding that the coaching staff and the players themselves have of each other.

They will be putting in blood, sweat and tears during the preseason (margaritas and booze during the offseason maybe 🙂 ), and they will be competing for their careers and livelihoods every day while aiming to win football matches together and entertaining fans. We should all acknowledge that.

That being said, as fans of the Fury, we have our favourites and our ideas on who are the best players on the team or who should be starting over who, and so on and on.

As long as we acknowledge that this is nothing more than a popularity vote, and that we can trust in MDS and the boys that the strongest starting XI will be out there on a weekly basis, I think this might be a fun thing to do with pre-season camp just 10 days away.

Toronto FC in fact did just this very same vote on their official website just the past week, at http://www.torontofc.ca/news/2015/01/choose-your-starting-xi-opening-day and http://www.torontofc.ca/news/2015/02/your-starting-xi-prediction.

Courtesy of Toronto FC... and the silhouettes that sneakily look kinda like the all-time goalscoring leader in CanMNT history...
Courtesy of Toronto FC… and the silhouettes that sneakily look kinda like the all-time goalscoring leader in CanMNT history…

You can see they only allowed comments and did not have any multiple choice polls, but I am far too lazy to tabulate all your comments and I don’t get paid for doing this at all, so that is why I am doing it with polls instead, despite all the abuses it is opening itself up to. The one thing I will do is make the vote tallies private on the polls itself, and I will post the lineup you readers have voted in two weeks or so, when I open it up for a new round of voting.

Feel free to comment below or chirp at me on Twitter at @OFFCReview on what you think is the ideal starting XI for the Fury FC! The next roster voting article won’t be so damn long by the way. All the players below have been placed in alphabetical order. You can try, but multiple voting has been disabled. The results, and a new round of voting, will be published in two weeks or so, happy voting!


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