2015 Fury FC Broadcast Plans – Good, but Sportsnet 360 Must Be The Goal for 2016

Here’s my quick 10-minute take on Ottawa and the NASL’s announcement of their TV/internet broadcast plans for the 2015 season.

I skimmed the 2 articles very quickly and have to run out again, and will edit my post tomorrow for reflection and clarity. I may have missed or misunderstood some points from the articles, please feel free to let me know if you see anything!

It’s okay, it’s not that great, the news today, with respect to the Fury FC’s broadcast plans for the 2015 season.

1) The home games on TV will be on Rogers TV again. That’s alright, but if you want the club to get widespread TV coverage, we have to get on Rogers Sportnet, or Rogers Sportsnet 360. Rogers TV 22 is not good enough.

2) The away games won’t be on TV, that’s not great either. It’s hard to get it on TV, but it has to be a long-term goal.

3) The away games for all of us in Ontario, you better have a cable package, and you better have the premium package that has TSN, for at least $60/month. That’s the only way you can access the TSN GO app on your phone or tablet. If you don’t have cable or TSN, then you better hope the Fury FC website’s feed works and doesn’t crash, like it does for the CSA games. It’s great that it’s free, but I think the Fury has to strive for something better than their website or TSN GO.

4) The Canadian regulations that geo-block us from watching American channels, American Netflix, American ESPN3, that sucks big time. And the league’s hopefully aiming for ESPN2 next year, cuz ESPN3 isn’t TV either. One step at a time, I guess.

I have cable and I also have got beyond the cord and bypassed geo-blocking and beyond that, but I’m trying to think, how can the Fury go mainstream? And to go mainstream, we’ve got to get on a bigger TV channel than Rogers TV 22.

If you are reading this blog post, you probably discuss the team constantly day in day out, and we are some of the most hardcore out there. I know most of us here, we’re happy with the streaming options. But I’m thinking about the mainstream, and those who don’t follow or watch the Fury. How can we make the games accessible to them?

The website is a start, and making it free is great, but I think Sportsnet 360 has to be the goal for the Fury FC for the 2016 season.

NASL: http://www.nasl.com/article/uuid/1a4ij20y91hlzxwb9klbf2c7/north-american-soccer-league-announces-global-agreement-with-espn#.VRR4tC7G_Gw

OFFC: http://www.ottawafuryfc.com/news/detail/uuid/p3c40earafyc19zartavx2w23/every-kickoff-every-goal-every-match#.VRRC5lVVhBd


You can follow Namu Yoon on Twitter at @BBSC_SeoulBro, and his Canadian Soccer News articles on Ottawa Fury FC at http://www.canadiansoccernews.com/index.php?/page/articles.html/_/ottcityfootie.


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