OFFC Fans Fantasy Leagues

We are running fantasy EPL and UCL for Fury FC supporters for the 2015/16 season!

Any updates to the league, and most of the discussions between the players, will be happening at the Bytown Boys SC’s Facebook group, at If you join the leagues, please give me a quick shout at @BBSC_SeoulBro so we all know who each other is.


  • Our EPL league at the official EPL (FPL) site is called “Ottawa Fury FC Supporters”. Tweet me at @BBSC_SeoulBro for the league code.
  • Our UCL league at the official UEFA site is called “Ottawa Fury FC Supporters”. Tweet me at @BBSC_SeoulBro for the league code.

I also play a deck-building card game called Ascension that has simply been the most fun board/card game I’ve discovered since Texas hold ’em and Cranium 🙂

It’s available on iOS, Android, PC (Steam) and Mac, and compares favourably to Dominion, Hearthstone, Star Realms, etc.

There are monthly leagues and tournaments at various forum websites, including,

There have also been various tourneys in the past at other gaming forums such as Gamers with Jobs, Touch Arcade, Broken Forums, NeoGAF and BoardGameGeek.

I assume that Playdek will eventually incorporate tourneys into their games and I’m looking forward to that, but until then, this is the best way to get in some good competitive and organized games. There’s also a lot of friendly banter going on in the threads as well. Come check it out!


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