Fury FC Updates – Re-signing of M Ubiparipovic, D Beckie, GK DeBellis, F Oliver, F Davies, Signing of LB Randolph

There’s been a lot of positive roster updates for the Fury FC since the turn of the new year. With 15 players signed on for the 2015 season and the Fall Season schedule released today, the team is getting in shape and the fans are starting to feel the positive energy.

I’ve included a new OFFC Roster section in this blog to help keep track of the player movements and statuses, and please make sure to check it out here, at https://offcreview.wordpress.com/roster/.

The signature of LB Mike Randolph has been embraced positively by the Fury FC fans, with his NASL experience and pace and leadership, as captain of Atlanta Silverbacks in 2014, seen as impactful in a position that saw 3 players tried out with varying degrees of success.

Photo courtesy of Atlanta Silverbacks FC
Photo courtesy of Atlanta Silverbacks FC

The return of M Sinisa Ubiparipovic and F Oliver means a ton to the Ottawa offense, as the two players were the most dangerous offensive weapons on the team. Their familiarity with MDS’s expectations will be a huge boon for OFFC.

The re-signing of D Drew Beckie ensures that the Fury will have another positive year of bravery and determination from the young defender, while F Phil Davies brings technique, crossing and whipped balls from the set pieces. GK Marcel DeBellis is looking forward to his new role as the #2 keeper for Ottawa.

With the players currently signed, we have 5 international spots filled out of 7, and one more will soon be filled this week with the addition of an international defender. With 13 of the 15 players having played with Ottawa last season, this team has a significant amount of continuity that will help tremendously for their 2nd season together.

Photo courtesy of Ottawa Citizen
Photo courtesy of Ottawa Citizen

Currently, I would project an opening day starting lineup of Peiser; Beckie, Jarun, Trafford, Randolph; Paterson, Ryan, Ubiparipovic; Paulo Jr, Heinemann, Oliver.

The team is currently most in need of additional fullbacks on both sides, two more CMs and a CF. Ottawa has 2 keepers, 3 CB’s, 1 FB, 4 CM’s, 4 wingers, and 1 CF in their senior side as of January 20th.

The Fury FC players will be returning to training camp in Ottawa and take medicals by no later than February 16, according to Graeme Ivory of OFFC.

Photo courtesy of Ottawa Citizen
Photo courtesy of Ottawa Citizen

I’ve been contributing significantly to the Bytown Boys’ social media and also had a heavy workload, and haven’t had a chance to update the blog in a few weeks. If you are not already doing so, make sure to follow Chris Hofley at the Ottawa Sun, Stuart at Fury Fanatic and Blog Smith at Blog Fury FC, as well as Carlos at Last Word on Sports, on their respective websites and Twitter accounts for all your up-to-date Fury coverage!

There’s also significant Fury chatter going on at the Bytown Boys’ Facebook group, the Stony Monday Riot members’ Twitter accounts, the Fury FC Reddit, and various soccer forums out there, such as BigSoccer, the Voyageurs, and Hockey Futures. The Ours is the Fury podcast and the TSN Corner Kicks radio show also has comprehensive Fury content as well.

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